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actinide_and_lanthanide_thinl-20231206105741897.pdf.jpg20239-Jan-2024Actinide and lanthanide thin-layer developments using a drop-on-demand printing systemRenisch, Dennis; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Abrosimov, Roman; Eberhardt, Klaus; Kindler, Birgit; Lommel, Bettina; Lukacova, Jana; Mokry, Christoph; Oberstedt, Stephan; Pohjalainen, Ilkka; Runke, Jörg; Schwab, Tanyel; Sirleaf, Christopher
advancements_in_the_fabricati-20230209121809811.pdf.jpg20229-Feb-2023Advancements in the fabrication and characterization of actinide targets for superheavy element productionDüllmann, Christoph E.; Artes, Ernst; Dragoun, Andreas; Haas, Raphael; Jäger, E.; Kindler, Birgit; Lommel, B.; Mangold, K.-M.; Meyer, Carl-Christian; Mokry, Christoph; Munnik, Frans; Rapps, M.; Renisch, Dennis; Runke, Jörg; Seibert, Alice; Stöckl, Markus; Thörle-Pospiech, Petra; Trautmann, Christina; Trautmann, Norbert; Yakushev, Alexander
characterization_and_modifica-20220318065543089.pdf.jpg202230-Mar-2022Characterization and modification of a buffer-gas-cell for rapid extraction of short-lived isotopes for use in gas-phase chemistry experiments at TASCADüllmann, Christoph E.; Götz, Stefan Alexander William
haas_raphael-development_of-20210503150034155.pdf.jpg202025-May-2021Development of a recoil ion source providing slow Th ions including 229(m)Th in a broad charge state distributionHaas, Raphael; Kieck, Tom; Budker, Dmitry; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Groot-Berning, Karin; Li, Wenbing; Renisch, Dennis; Schmidt-Kaler, Ferdinand; Stopp, Felix; Viatkina, Anna
dice__apparatus_for_detection-20231206105949289.pdf.jpg20237-Dec-2023DICE: apparatus for detection of internal conversion electronsReed, Lauren E.; Renisch, Dennis; Düllmann, Christoph E.
five_decades_of_gsi_superheav-20231206105104084.pdf.jpg20226-Dec-2023Five decades of GSI superheavy element discoveries and chemical investigationDüllmann, Christoph E.; Block, Christoph E.; Heßberger, Fritz P.; Khuyagbaatar, Jadambaa; Kindler, Birgit; Kratz, Jens V.; Lommel, Bettina; Münzenberg, Gottfried; Pershina, Valeria; Renisch, Dennis; Schädel, Matthias; Yakushev, Alexander
kneip_nina-highly_selecti-20210526223942908.pdf.jpg202027-May-2021Highly selective two-step laser ionization schemes for the analysis of actinide mixturesKneip, Nina; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Gadelshin, Vadim; Heinke, Reinhard; Mokry, Christoph; Raeder, Sebastian; Runke, Jörg; Studer, Dominik; Trautmann, Norbert; Weber, Felix; Wendt, Klaus
insitu_synthesis_of_volatile_-20220319120412385.pdf.jpg20221-Apr-2022In-situ synthesis of volatile transition-metal carbonyl complexes produced in nuclear fusion reactions without physical preseparation.Düllmann, Christoph E.; Götz, Michael Alexander
investigation_of_the_atomic_s-20221124132710821.pdf.jpg202218-Jan-2023Investigation of the atomic structure of curium and determination of its first ionization potentialKneip, Nina; Weber, Felix; Kaja, Magdalena A.; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Mokry, Christoph; Raeder, Sebastian; Runke, Jörg; Studer, Dominik; Trautmann, Norbert; Wendt, Klaus
the_process_of_molecular_plat-20231206105857040.pdf.jpg20237-Dec-2023The process of molecular plating and the characteristics of the produced thin films : what we have learned in 60 years and what is still unknownArtes, Ernst; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Meyer, Carl-Christian; Renisch, Dennis
production_of_actinide_atomic-20231024125414810.pdf.jpg20238-Nov-2023Production of actinide atomic and molecular ion beams at CERN-ISOLDEDüllmann, Christoph E.; Rothe, Sebastian; Au, Mia
robust_polarization_gradient_-20231020111747197.pdf.jpg20226-Feb-2024Robust polarization gradient cooling of trapped ionsLi, Wenbing; Wolf, Sebastian; Klein, Lukas; Budker, Dmitry; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Schmidt-Kaler, Ferdinand
status_and_developments_of_ta-20231206105014944.pdf.jpg20236-Dec-2023Status and developments of target production for research on heavy and superheavy nuclei and elementsLommel, Bettina; Düllmann, Christoph E.; Kindler, Birgit; Renisch, Dennis