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historical_and_regional_parti-20231215110236770.pdf.jpg20233-Jan-2024Historical and regional particularities in the prevalence of traumatic events and posttraumatic stress disorder in East and West GermanyKasinger, Christoph; Schulz, Ann-Christin; Ulke, Christine; Maercker, Andreas; Beutel, Manfred; Brähler, Elmar
how_is_emotional_awareness_re-20220924205333435.pdf.jpg201410-Oct-2022How is emotional awareness related to emotion regulation strategies and self-reported negative affect in the general population?Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Beutel, Manfred E.; Brähler, Elmar; Stöbel-Richter, Yve; Knebel, Achim; Lane, Richard D.; Wiltink, Jörg
individual_and_workrelated_pr-20230119111643776.pdf.jpg202223-Jan-2023Individual and work-related predictors of exhaustion in East and West GermanyBraunheim, Lisa; Otten, Daniëlle; Kasinger, Christoph; Brähler, Elmar; Beutel, Manfred E.
measuring_physical_cognitive_-20230202105741122.pdf.jpg20222-Feb-2023Measuring physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of exhaustion with the BOSS II-short version : results from a representative population-based study in GermanyWerner, Antonia M.; Schmalbach, Bjarne; Zenger, Markus; Brähler, Elmar; Hinz, Andreas; Kruse, Johannes; Kampling, Hanna
mental_health_and_life_satisf-20230126111102008.pdf.jpg202210-Feb-2023Mental health and life satisfaction in East and West Germany : effects of generation and migration of citizensBeutel, Manfred E.; Braunheim, Lisa; Heller, Ayline; Schmutzer, Gabriele; Decker, Oliver; Brähler, Elmar
mini__social_phobia_inventory-20220914235223382.pdf.jpg20176-Oct-2022Mini - social phobia inventory (mini-SPIN) : psychometric properties and population based norms of the German versionWiltink, Jörg; Kliem, Sören; Michal, Matthias; Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Reiner, Iris; Beutel, Manfred E.; Brähler, Elmar; Zwerenz, Rüdiger
a_mixedmethods_investigation_-20220523094408525.pdf.jpg202220-Dec-2022A mixed-methods investigation of medical follow-up in long-term childhood cancer survivors : what are the reasons for non-attendance?Ernst, Mareike; Brähler, Elmar; Faber, Jörg; Wild, Philipp S.; Merzenich, Hiltrud; Beutel, Manfred E.
otten_danielle-a_multi-cohort-20201016152922942.pdf.jpg202026-Oct-2020A multi-cohort consortium for GEnder-Sensitive Analyses of mental health trajectories and implications for prevention (GESA) in the general population in GermanyBurghardt, Juliane; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Otten, Danielle; Brähler, Elmar; Binder, Harald; Grabe, Hans; Kruse, Johannes; Ladwig, Karl Heinz; Schomerus, Georg; Wild, Philipp S.; Beutel, Manfred E.
noise_annoyance_is_associated-20220914003637355.pdf.jpg20165-Oct-2022Noise annoyance is associated with depression and anxiety in the general population : the contribution of aircraft noiseBeutel, Manfred E.; Jünger, Claus; Klein, Eva M.; Wild, Philipp; Lackner, Karl J.; Blettner, Maria; Binder, Harald; Michal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Brähler, Elmar; Münzel, Thomas
schmalbach_bjarne-norm_values_an-20201016141015942.pdf.jpg202019-Oct-2020Norm values and psychometric properties for the German health regulatory focus scale : results of a representative surveySchmalbach, Bjarne; Zenger, Markus; Brähler, Elmar; Petrowski, Katja
bastianon_christiana_diane-perceived_stre-20210427101556632.pdf.jpg202027-Apr-2021Perceived Stress Scale (PSS-10) psychometric properties in migrants and native GermansBastianon, Christina Diane; Klein, Eva M.; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Brähler, Elmar; Beutel, Manfred E.; Petrowski, Katja
schmalbach_ileana-psychometric_p-20211102121323769.pdf.jpg20212-Nov-2021Psychometric properties of the German version of the Self-Regulation of Eating Behavior QuestionnaireSchmalbach, Ileana; Schmalbach, Bjarne; Zenger, Markus; Petrowski, Katja; Beutel, Manfred; Hilbert, Anja; Brähler, Elmar
quality_of_life__updated_psyc-20230126111924519.pdf.jpg202213-Feb-2023Quality of life : updated psychometric properties and new norm values in a Representative German sample focusing socioeconomics and mental healthHettich, Nora; Beutel, Manfred E.; Krakau, Lina; Brähler, Elmar
quality_of_life_after_pediatr-20240201171141465.pdf.jpg202315-Feb-2024Quality of life after pediatric cancer : comparison of long-term childhood cancer survivors’ quality of life with a representative general population sample and associations with physical health and risk indicatorsErnst, Mareike; Hinz, Andreas; Brähler, Elmar; Merzenich, Hiltrud; Faber, Jörg; Wild, Philipp S.; Beutel, Manfred E.
wejbera_martin-risk_factors_-20210917105119549.pdf.jpg202120-Sep-2021Risk factors, physical and mental health burden of male and female pathological gamblers in the German general population aged 40–80Wejbera, Martin; Wölfling, Klaus; Dreier, Michael; Michal, Matthias; Brähler, Elmar; Wiltink, Jörg; Schulz, Andreas; Wild, Philipp S.; Münzel, Thomas; König, Jochem; Lackner, Karl; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Beutel, Manfred E.
selfrated_physical_health_pre-20231213094043708.pdf.jpg202315-Dec-2023Self-rated physical health predicts mortality in aging persons beyond objective health risksReinwarth, Anna C.; Wicke, Felix S.; Hettich, Nora; Ernst, Mareike; Otten, Danielle; Brähler, Elmar; Wild, Philipp S.; Münzel, Thomas; König, Jochem; Lackner, Karl J.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Beutel, Manfred E.
sexdependent_associations_of_-20220422085931441.pdf.jpg202022-Apr-2022Sex‑dependent associations of low birth weight and suicidal ideation in adulthood : a community‑based cohort studyErnst, Mareike; Reiner, Iris; Fieß, Achim; Tibubos, Ana N.; Schulz, Andreas; Burghardt, Juliane; Klein, Eva M.; Brähler, Elmar; Wild, Philipp S.; Münzel, Thomas; König, Jochem; Lackner, Karl J.; Pfeiffer, Norbert; Michal, Matthias; Wiltink, Jörg; Beutel, Manfred E.
werner_antonia_m.-somatic_sympto-20201016142619189.pdf.jpg202022-Oct-2020Somatic symptoms in the German general population from 1975 to 2013Beutel, Manfred E.; Klein, Eva M.; Henning, Michaela; Werner, Antonia M.; Burghardt, Juliane; Tibubos, Ana Nanette; Schmutzer, Gabriele; Brähler, Elmar
the_association_of_childhood_-20230209095019119.pdf.jpg20229-Feb-2023The association of childhood abuse and neglect with tattoos and piercings in the population : evidence from a representative community surveyErnst, Mareike; Borkenhagen, Ada; Fegert, Jörg M.; Brähler, Elmar; Plener, Paul L.
the_german_version_of_the_per-20220713085553006.pdf.jpg201615-Jul-2022The German version of the Perceived Stress Scale : psychometric characteristics in a representative German community sampleKlein, Eva M.; Brähler, Elmar; Dreier, Michael; Reinecke, Leonard; Müller, Kai; Schmutzer, Gabriele; Wölfling, Klaus; Beutel, Manfred E.