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efficient_embedding_of_comple-20220712203946598.pdf.jpg201613-Jul-2022Efficient embedding of complex networks to hyperbolic space via their LaplacianAlanis-Lobato, Gregorio; Mier, Pablo; Andrade, Miguel
59042.pdf.jpg201923-Apr-2019Evolution-guided evaluation of the inverted terminal repeats of the synthetic transposon Sleeping BeautyScheuermann, Barbara; Diem, Tanja; Ivics, Zoltán; Andrade, Miguel
58368.pdf.jpg201823-Jul-2018Geometric characterisation of disease modulesHärtner, Franziska; Andrade, Miguel; Alanis-Lobato, Gregorio
58168.pdf.jpg201818-May-2018Glutamine codon usage and polyQ evolution in primates depend on the Q stretch lengthMier, Pablo; Andrade, Miguel
59029.pdf.jpg201912-Apr-2019Literature optimized integration of gene expression for organ-specific evaluation of toxicogenomics datasetsTaškova, Katerina; Fontaine, Jean-Fred; Mrowka, Ralf; Andrade, Miguel
the_protein_structure_context-20220913185143669.pdf.jpg201714-Sep-2022The protein structure context of polyQ regionsTotzeck, Franziska; Andrade, Miguel; Mier, Pablo
58799.pdf.jpg201823-Jan-2019Proteome-wide comparison between the amino acid composition of domains and linkersBrüne, Daniel; Andrade, Miguel; Mier, Pablo
reading_the_evolution_of_comp-20220925160040501.pdf.jpg201713-Oct-2022Reading the evolution of compartmentalization in the ribosome assembly toolbox : the YRG protein familyMier, Pablo; Pérez-Pulido, Antonio J.; Reynaud, Emmanuel G.; Andrade, Miguel
albrecht_steffen-seqqscorer__au-20210917111217183.pdf.jpg202120-Sep-2021seqQscorer: automated quality control of next-generation sequencing data using machine learningAlbrecht, Steffen; Sprang, Maximilian; Andrade, Miguel; Fontaine, Jean-Fred